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Oliver Worldclass Labs, Inc.

Oliver Worldclass Labs provides the finest in Technical Training Systems for both Industry and Education.

The goal of Oliver Worldclass Labs is to work with educators to assist in engaging students through an interactive and hands-on learning process.

Our School-to Career product lines provide solutions to industry and education to meet the ever-changing needs of workforce development. Product areas include: Information Technology, Electrical & Power, Science & Industrial Technology Education, Consumer Sciences Education, Engineering & Research Equipment, Interactive Multimedia Presentation Systems, Practical Classroom Technology Furniture Solutions.

Oliver Worldclass Labs is a full-line technology reseller with a sales facility that includes product support, demonstration, and training. Our products and services provide solutions for all levels of education, ranging from elementary school through higher education, and professional development training.

Heliocentris HyDrive Electric Vehicle Trainer, Oliver Worldclass Labs product line image
Heliocentris fuel cel model, Oliver Worldclass Labs product line image

Heliocentris Clean Energy Trainer, Oliver Worldclass Labs product line image

Clean Energy Trainer

Generate hydrogen for the HyDrive refueling process using the Clean Energy Trainer solar models and wind generator. Experience and understand zero-emission mobility.
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